Safe shopping
To be able to shop on our site you must fill out a form or call us. The form only requires basic personal information. At the top of the page is a menu with product categories. Selecting one of the categories opens a page with related products. If you do not know which category the product belongs to, use the search box located in the upper right corner to enter the name, brand or purpose of the product. When you list the product group you are interested in, clicking on the desired image will give you all the information you need, detailed descriptions and credible images of the selected product. When reviewing a product, you will see the icons by which you select the quantity of the selected product, as well as the ADD TO CART icon. When you click on this icon, you will be notified that this product has been added to your cart. Next to these icons is the ADD TO WISH LIST icon. Wishlist allows you to narrow down the selection of products you like. From this list, with one click, you can transfer the desired product to your cart.

Contents of the basket
By simply clicking on the basket icon, you can view its contents at any time. From there, you can easily delete products or increase their number.
Ordering products from the basket
When you decide on one or more products, all you have to do is click on the CONFIRM icon. You will then be asked to complete the form in just a few simple steps. After that, the purchase closing page will open. If you have changed your mind about buying or want to change something, you can simply return to your shopping cart.

Choosing a payment method
You can choose one of two payment methods – late payment and bill payment.

1. Payment via account
You can pay your order by direct payment to MS Corp Doo Petrovaradin 340-11012556-74 (Erste Bank). You can make a standard payment at any post office or bank, or online if you have Internet access to your account (web banking).
The goods are only sent upon payment to the account.

2. Cash payment
When making a cash payment, you will pay the courier on pickup.

Completion of ordering
After successfully sending the order, you will receive a notification on the e-mail address you left behind when registering. After that, our operator will call you to check the delivery information.